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Dawn of Ages is a modern strategy game, played on mobile, where players lead their city states through history.

Version 1.1.x

UPDATE: Tacticard & PvP Leagues


Includes a brand new PvE Chapter to explore

Dawn of Ages: transports players to a captivating world where they have the opportunity to rewrite history. Offering a unique blend of auto-battler and city-builder gameplay, it delivers an unparalleled combination of strategic planning and action-packed battles. Players can choose from four mighty nations - the Vikings, Germans, Franks, and Anglo-Saxons - to construct their own castles and equip armies with authentic weapons and armor from bygone eras.

The PvP mode allows players to challenge their rivals and conquer new realms in thrilling duels. With countless customization options, a deep crafting system, tactical buff cards, and multiple campaign missions, Dawn of Ages provides history enthusiasts with substantial features for hundreds of hours of gameplay enjoyment.

MGTM - Make Green Tuesday Moves

Planet Play: Partnership

We are excited about our partnership with Planet Play! Dawn of Ages has decided to take part in the “Make Green Tuesday Moves” initiative. This Tuesday users will be able to buy “Green Items” and take part in Dawn of Ages. Part of the proceeds from the items will go towards the initiative and contribute to our joint effort to save the planet.


Roadmap & Release Schedule

Global release has arrived! We're so excited to get our medieval auto-battler out to you all. If you haven't already download the game yet, get involved with the buttons below!

Pre-Order /
Soft Launch

  • Version 0.9
  • 3-Star & Heroic Campaign
  • Refinery & Workshop
  • Clans

Global Release

  • Version 1.0
  • Epoch Battle Pass
  • Research Tree
  • Item requirements

Future Live Ops

  • Commander Skill Tree
  • Clan World Boss
  • PvP Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Battle Pass